About us

Safety, quality

and service first

Safety, quality and service are our core values. This translates to convenient, safe work circumstances and a high profit for your company. That is why we are the leading growers', contract workers' and lease companies' first choice worldwide.

Safe by default

As an employer, you bear a great responsibility when it comes to working safely with machines. In all innovations that we have developed with and for our customers over the past 25 years, we have always put safety first for you and your employees. That is why all imaginable safety devices are available on all our machines by default. At this, we go one or more steps further than all the others. Our machines do not only comply with the legally required (CE) requirements, but also with the - sometimes stricter - local requirements.

Easy control

Greenhouses are getting higher and more complex. It is no longer safe to have your staff walk through the gutters, with obvious dangers. At the same time, labour in horticulture is getting more expensive. The demand for unmanned machines to clean and coat greenhouses therefore increases all over the world. And that's a good thing. That doesn't just save labour costs, but it's also safer for your employees and your reputation. We therefore always recommend the purchase of a fully automatic, unmanned machine. That is why we find it important that everyone can operate our machines without any hassle, and without endless manuals or courses.


Our machines are designed and built for sustainability. After all, you make an investment for the next ten to fifteen years. Does your machine malfunction anyway? Than we will be there for you to solve the problem as soon as possible. Would you rather replace parts yourself? Please visit our web shop. Ordering online is easy and quick!