Safety Devices

Van der Waay:

the safest choice

Van der Waay equips its machines with expanded safety devices by default. And that's a bare necessity because greenhouses are getting higher and higher. We limit the risks to an absolute minimum and warn for the residual risks. Besides that, we go one or more steps further than others. We study all guidelines and standards, and apply these.

A spacious platform with toe board

A spacious platform with a 10 cm high toe board, so slipping doesn't have fatal consequences. You can also move around safely on the platform thanks to the spacious size. You can stand at the sides and the back of the machine without any problems.

Lockable cage ladder

A lockable cage ladder, which prevents children or unauthorised persons to climb onto your platform. Besides a firm lock, several warning stickers are applied to the ladder as well.

Certified lifting point

A certified lifting point (red) to lift the platform safely. The certification allows working under the hanging load. The photo also shows a certified lanyard point (yellow) and the 10 cm high toe board.

Certified security points

Certified security points, applied at multiple positions, in conformity with EN-795, class A standard. These security points are also fixed onto the greenhouse roof cleaner. These have to be used when performing maintenance activities.

Warning stickers in different languages

Warning stickers in different languages and with symbols. The symbols emphasize the necessity of wearing personal protective equipment.

Visual and acoustig signalling

Visual and acoustig signalling - Visual and acoustic signalling before the machine starts automatically. The photo shows the signalling underneath the platform.

Personal protective equipment

Van der Waay offers personal protective equipment, such as a harness, lanyard and fall arrest device, in many different variants and prices.

Fully automatic coating

The Top Cleaner is also available as fully automatic machine, so fall hazard can be elimited entirely. Riding along on the greenhouse roof cleaner while coating is no longer needed than. The nozzles open/close fully automatically.

End of gutter security

Reliable end of gutter security that prevents the machine from riding or falling off the roof.

Legal requirements

All machines comply with the European legal (CE) requirements as a minimum. Additional requirements apply in some countries (such as Australia, America and Canada). In that case, we adjust the machines to the local requirements so you can start working with it immediately.