French grower keeps greenhouse cover clean with Top Cleaner

The French company Serres du Mont Saint-Michel grows tomatoes in a greenhouse of 17 hectares. This new horticultural complex is located in the French municipality of Brécey, in the region of Normandy. Jean Marc Paimblanc, director of the company, explains that the company wants to respond to the specific wishes of the consumer. To achieve this, Paimblanc doesn't just need a large greenhouse, but also a clean one. Van der Waay's Top Cleaner helps the French company with this.

The director of Serres du Mont Saint-Michel is delighted with the greenhouse rooftop cleaner from Van der Waay. "The machine was positioned quickly and worked to full satisfaction from the start. The Top Cleaner is easy to operate and can easily be tracked remotely". Paimblanc is also pleased with the help with the delivery of Van der Waay's greenhouse cover washing machine: "We really had excellent support during the commissioning."