Top Cleaner takes care of safe cleaning and application of coatings on greenhouse roof

In 2016, the construction of the first Gie des Brocs 4 hectares of tomato greenhouse in Lapouyade had been completed. The second greenhouse of 4 hectares is expected to reach completion this year. Being a grower, you’re always keen on aiming for the best results and getting most out of your greenhouse, certainly given the big investments that come with its development and construction. That was also the key driving force for owner Christian Menegaldo of GIE des Brocs, for the choices he made.

Clean glass for a maximum of sunlight

“It’s very important that we can optimally benefit from the available sunlight, because that leads to a better fruit quality and higher yields. During construction of the greenhouse I was already convinced that a Top Cleaner would play a major role in allowing us to benefit optimally: this greenhouse roof cleaner enables us to clean the glass regularly. That’s very important because dirt on the greenhouse roof diminishes a decent amount of sunlight and thus slows down growth of the crop.”

It operates fully automatically

Since the installation of the Top Cleaner in February this year, the greenhouse roof has been cleaned several times. That works very well. It’s a fast but especially safe way of working. Christian Menegaldo: “The Top Cleaner operates fully automatically, so there’s no need of our staff being on the greenhouse roof simultaneously whilst cleaning. Within our company this is considered to be of great importance because government safety regulations (justly!) become stricter over time. Safety is our number one priority!”

A major step forward

Last month, the company has expanded the Top Cleaner with the capability to, fully automatically, apply shading agents onto the greenhouse surface. "This is very unique because before the development of this machine, during the application of shading agents someone always had to be present on the machine to operate it. Safety is increasingly becoming an important factor. By fully automating the Top Cleaner we can once again ensure a lot of security. A major step forward!”