Top Cleaner Poly: specially made for poly greenhouses

Say goodbye to a dirty poly roof and take care of a several dozen percent of more light in your greenhouse. The Top Cleaner Poly proves its added value, especially in the winter season but also in sunny areas. And this only requires a small investment.

The Top Cleaner Poly is a well-balanced, light and complete greenhouse roof cleaner that also enables you to apply an even coating to your poly greenhouse. Other advantages of the Top Cleaner Poly are:

  • suits every peak width
  • suitable for single and double layers of poly
  • the brushes do not damage your poly roof
  • is simple to move by means of a crane, so you don't need expensive rail systems




  • working width: 6.40-8.00-9.60-12.80 m
  • weight: 300-450 kg, depending on the peak width
  • drive: hydraulic-electric
  • voltage: 230V at 50Hz (via portable power generator)
  • riding speed: steplessly adjustable to 15m/min
  • construction: aluminium

Standard equipment

  • portable power generator
  • safe 4-way sling


  • gutter brush
  • hydraulic hose reel with high-pressure pump
  • pump trailer with mixing barrel


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